December 2004 Update: Reed Square Redevelopment


Around the Vicarage itself not much has changed - although the hoardings have been replaced with fences. However, the High Street which joins Tangmere Drive to Turnhouse Road is nearly finished (this is a new street which cuts over the site of the old library). Reed Square is now only the builder’s compound... and our address for a little longer.

Fr. Darren Miller

High Street East High Street East

This is the new High Street from St Cuthbert’s Place (the church is on the right). On the left is the builder’s compound - all that is left of Reed Sq.


High Street High Street

From the end of the finished bit of the High Street towards the middle. The red brick building on the right is the new Police Station.

High Street West High Street West

The High Street from the middle. The church is on the left and the vicarage is in the middle. This end of the street is due to be finished in January.


Police Station Police Station

At one end of the High Street is the new Police Station.

High Street Supermarket High Street Supermarket

Again from the middle, but this end of the High Street is finished and the first shop (a supermarket) is open.



Vicarage from Tangmere Drive Vicarage from Tangmere Drive

And at the other is the new vicarage.


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