June 2005 Update: 

Former Reed Square Development and the new St Cuthbert’s Place


After the sadness of seeing the old Vicarage demolished, there is a certain amount of happiness as the area around the church nears completion...

Fr. Darren Miller

New church garden 1 New church garden 1

This is the view towards church from what was the old vicarage front door. You can see the War Memorial in our new garden.


St Cuthbert's Place 1 St Cuthbert's Place 1

This shot is from the church front door and shows St Cuthbert’s Place which is a new square replacing our old front car park.

New church garden 2 New church garden 2

And this is another view of our new church garden.




St Cuthbert's Place 2 St Cuthbert's Place 2

From the other direction you can see what a lovely entrance we now have to the church. This view is from Castle Vale’s new main but stop.

Car park works Car park works

Of course, there is still some work to do but the new car park is finally taking shape (compare with last year!)



St Cuthbert's Place 3 St Cuthbert's Place 3

Another view of St Cuthbert’s place with the new High Street just visible on the left.

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