September 2004 Update: Reed Square Redevelopment


Some things haven’t changed much since the July update, but the Vicarage has certainly grown. The first phase of the development is due to be complete by early November when work will start on the north side of the High Street and the rest of St Cuthbert’s Place.

Fr. Darren Miller

Development Picture 9 Development Picture 9

The last row of bricks has been laid - and it’s just as well! Because the Vicarage will have a ‘monopitch’ roof, the rear is very tall. As we watched it grow, it seemed to never end.



Development Picture 12 Development Picture 12

The view out of the front door of the current Vicarage. The Church is on the left with the foundations of the new ‘St Cuthbert’s Place’ road in the middle (the current Vicarage will soon go under this!) The building on the right is the new home of the local housing association. It’s rear wall is blank as the new homes on St Cuthbert’s Place will join on here.

Development Picture 10 Development Picture 10

This shows the side of the Vicarage nearest the Church and the new public square. The bit sticking out at the back is the kitchen, with the main living area in the middle. You can just see the study at the front.



Development Picture 11 Development Picture 11

The first picture of the front of the house shows that it is mainly roof! The main living area is on the left with the study under the long roof, along with a couple of bedrooms.



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