July 2004 Update: Reed Square Redevelopment


If you’ve seen what the area looked like in early June, you will see quite a difference in how things look. Although very much unfinished, the shape of things to come is becoming more and more apparent.

Fr. Darren Miller

Development picture 5 Development picture 5

The rear of the new High Street is near completion on what was the East car park. More of the West car park has been dug up, but the tarmac in the foreground is the beginning of its replacement.


Development picture 9 Development picture 9

The area in front of church will be an attractive open space with steps, trees and benches. In the meantime, the work to get there continues...

Development picture 6 Development picture 6

This is the same view as on the June page and shows how the new car park, access road and new vicarage are taking shape.



Development picture 7 Development picture 7

You still need a little imagination, but this is the back door under the lounge window of the new vicarage. The kitchen is on the left. It will be lovely when it’s done!



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