June 2004 Update: Reed Square Redevelopment


These photos give an impression of the area as it was in early June 2004 - it certainly seems a mess. Have another look in October when it should resemble more the marvellous plans for the area.

Fr. Darren Miller

Development image 1 Development image 1

What was the east car park is fast becoming the back of the High Street.
The green area will become the Church Garden, the residential part of St Cuthbert’s place and the access to the new church car park.


Development image 4 Development image 4

Just for comparison: this is the Vicarage as it was in Summer 2002. The photo was taken from the east car park which is now under the new High Street (see first picture).

Development image 2 Development image 2

This was (and still is!) the drive to the Vicarage and more parking. The new Vicarage is behind the blue and white hoarding. This area will be the new church car park and access road.



Development image 3 Development image 3

With the hoarding around most of the new Vicarage, it is difficult to get a picture, but here is the back door, kitchen and garden - you need a little imagination!



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