November 2004 Update: Reed Square Redevelopment


Things aren’t quite finished - the weather caused a number of delays. Around the Church not much is obviously different from September apart from the new Vicarage and the War Memorial. The next couple of months should see some dramatic finishing touches.

Fr. Darren Miller

Restored memorial Restored memorial

Just in time for the Remembrance Sunday ceremonies, the paving around the War Memorial has been completed. Next will be a garden beyond the paving and railings.


Development Picture 15 Development Picture 15

This is a side-on view of the front of the house. The scaffolding is to allow the front door and first floor window to be put in. The other big hole is the garage. The lounge is on top of the garage and the study is the room to the right of the front door.

Development Picture 13 Development Picture 13

Windows in but doors open, the back of the Vicarage is nearly finished. A couple of lights to be added, down-pipes from the terrace - and a garden!



Development Picture 14 Development Picture 14

The roof is on and the windows are in, finally a feeling for what the house will be like.

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